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Parenting SA is an initiative of the South Australian Government and part of the Department of Human Services

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2017 Seminars

Come and join us at these free seminars for parents at the Adelaide Convention Centre, or watch them live online. Save the dates in your diary and register to attend via Eventbrite.

7-9pm Wed 22 March
The mysterious world of teens and pre-teens: survival tips for parents
Presenter Kirrilie Smout

Seminar recording now available

7-9pm Tues 30 May
Understanding the ‘boy code’
Presenter Dr Justin Coulson

Register to attend in person or to view webcast
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New parenting videos

Find our newly released parenting videos presented by Dr Justin Coulson.

See also our videos on parenting teens presented by Kirrilie Smout.


Parent Easy Guides

New topics

 ‘New parents’. This new Guide takes a closer look at the big life changes that happen when you have a baby. It has tips and suggestions for enjoying this special time, and coping with the challenges.

What is your parenting style?’. Research has identified four broad parenting styles that parents tend to use, and what each of these mean for children. Have a look. You may see your own style in this new Guide!

Recent updates

Being a parent’, ‘Being a Mum’, ‘Being a Dad’. These Guides explore what it means to be a parent, and the special aspects of being a mum or dad. Updates highlight the importance of looking after yourself and having confidence and believing in yourself as a parent. They remind us of the important role a warm and loving dad can have in children’s lives.

Peer pressure’: This Guide helps us understand that peer groups are usually positive for children. They help them learn to get along with others and work out their values and identity. We are reminded that parents are the most important influence in children’s lives, and staying connected with your child can help protect them from any negative aspects of peer groups.

Young people, feelings and depression’: Are you sometimes concerned about your teenager’s emotions and what is going on for them? This Guide looks at how to help them through the ups and downs of life, and when it might be time to seek professional help.



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